We have a variety of classes which will provide fun ways to keep fit. From Pole Dance to Parkour, Flexibility to AcroYoga, we have something that you'll love!


Functional fitness

We have a range of classes and workshops to help you work on bodyweight exercises from beginner to advanced including pull ups, push ups, muscle ups and handstands.


Manchester Parkour Academy

Manchesters most experienced parkour athletes have come together to create and deliver a truly unique functional workout. At our custom built parkour facility you can learn new skills to help unlock your bodies true movement potential. Find out more at Manchester Parkour Academy


Yoga & Partner Acrobatics

AcroYoga is a mix of Yoga and Partner Acrobatics. AcroYoga is about using communication within a group to achive a goal which may be a posture, or a sequence. You don't have to bring a partner, you can come on your own, and you will work in groups of 3/4.


Fitness, Dance, Exotic

We have Pole Fitness classes which will work on strength, tricks and combos. This is a great intro to the world of Pole and a fun way to get fit! Our Pole Dance classes are for those who want to learn more flow, transitions, floorwork and build routines!